Be Safe with Pee Safe

Pee safe - Women's Toilet Sanitizer - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian fashion, fitness, lifestyle, beauty & travel blogger

Hey There! I can’t express how good I feel about these brands and their products, who have lately started caring about the most unspoken/underrated problem. You guessed it right – I am speaking of women’s hygiene. Today I am going to introduce another revolutionary product which will change your life. Pee Safe is a toilet […]

Save Money The Smart Way

Save Money The Smart Way - Namrata Bangalore based Indian fashion Blogger

Hey there! Has it ever happened to you that you that you have planned something big and it seems far-fetched as you were not able to save money for your big plans? For sure, we cannot avoid some uncalled situation or emergencies. But we can actually save a lot by paying a little attention and […]

Setting up an efficient kitchen

Setting up a kitchen on a budget- Namrata- Bangalore based fashion Indian blogger

Aren’t you tired of skipping your breakfast or paying unnecessarily in your office cafeteria and still claiming to have an unhealthy diet? I have always felt that it is very difficult to maintain a perfect balance between my work and domestic life. And I am sure any working women feels the same way. Being a […]