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Hey Peep! Wishing shubh shosti to you and your family. I know the wait was little long for the new saree look. To mark the beginning of Durga Pujo 2017, I wore this mekhela chador on Mahalya.

I have a soft corner for traditional sarees. I am trying to get as many of these sarees from each state of India. Let’s hope soon I shall have ethnic wear from all the 29 states.

About Mekhela Chador

Mekhela chador is a traditional Assamese outfit. It consists of 2 pieces of clothing draped around the body.

Mekhela is the first part, worn from the waist downwards. It looks like a sarong and is folded into pleats to fit around the waist and then tucked in.

Chador, the second part is a long length of cloth which has one end tucked into waist (upper portion of Mekhla) and rest draped around the upper body.

That Beautiful Contrast

Let’s quickly jump onto the detailing of the Mekhela Chador I wore. The brighter the beautiful it is with light shades always being elegant and classy.

When it comes to ethnic wear go for bright colours for a celebratory feel or stick to pastels/black for a sophisticated and classy look. I chose to get a Mekhela Chador which is a fine balance of both.

My Saree Story

I rarely wear sarees. I can actually count on fingers the number of times I have worn a saree in my life. But when it comes to choosing a saree I become picky as I want to look the best. Also, I look for durable fabrics.

Earlier, I used to buy lots of chiffon and georgette saree as they are easy to manage. However, my preference has evolved since past few years and I go for handloom sarees as I can treasure them for years to come. And yes, I have to complete my traditional saree collection.

I picked this blue and beige mekhla chador to style it according to the occasion. Trust me, it’s not always about the colour, makeup plays a vital role too. So, you can wear this saree for any occasion with your style of makeup.

Low Cut Blouse

Not only the saree, I get blouses stitched in a way that I could wear them after years without looking outdated and boring. Definitely deep neck or back is never going to be out of style.

Check Bollywood movies over the years – you will find the actresses wearing at least one deep neck blouse provided they wore saree in the movie or a song.

If you love traditional wear just like me please like and comment below sharing your feelings about the mekhela chador.

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