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Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

Hey Belles, How is your week going on?

As the temperature is increasing day by day, I can feel the change in me as well. These days I have become more cautious while stepping out. Of course, who wants to get tanned and then search for ways to get de-tanned. Do you remember childhood quote “prevention is better than cure”?

Protecting your skin from getting tanned does not mean that you should stop applying makeup. Today, I will be sharing my on the to go makeup routine for this summer. I am going step by step. I will also let you know if you can skip few of the steps. I will be sharing my pictures from my recent blog itself showing where I have used a particular product.

Sunscreen or moisturiser

I have combination skin and I use sunscreen or moisturiser according to humidity and my skin. Suppose my skin is too oily, I skip my moisturiser and directly apply sunscreen and do otherwise if I feel my skin is dry. I am sure you understand your skin too. So for the base don’t go on what others are doing rather understand your skin, choose the right product and then take an action.


I recently purchased a concealer from studio west. It is very easy to apply and quick absorbing. It covers my dark circles too. If you don’t get dark circles you don’t have to use concealer. I keep my concealer handy because I get dark circles sometimes especially in case I had worked late night and needed to get up without proper sleep. In fact, I have to get up early morning for all my photo shoots. My photographer loves to click pictures during early morning golden hours.

BB or CC cream

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

While stepping out after 4 p.m. I usually apply CC cream. I have uneven skin and I love to look flawless. To cover the unevenness, I use just a blob of CC cream avoiding patch on my face.

Don’t use a large quantity even if your mirror says you are not looking flawless. Trust me, a small quantity is enough.

Compact powder

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

On a serious note, I am not a powder person. While stepping out in sun during summer, sometimes I just brush it on my face. On days when I have really oily skin, I use powder to remove excess of oil.

Even when I use compact powder, I apply it using a powder brush. I never make the mistake of applying powder with compact kit puffs.

Smokey eye makeup palette

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

If you have noticed few of my post with smokey eye makeup. I have used NYX smokey eye make up for most of my shoots. I use it for an “on the go look” as well. It is super easy to apply.

This kit has 6 shades.

  1. Black with shimmer
  2. Black
  3. Purple
  4. Blue
  5. Bronze
  6. White

Black, black with shimmer, blue and purple are the most popular shades for smokey eye makeup. This kit has all of these. With the help of bronze and white, I highlight my eyebrows, upper eyelids and corners of the eye.

Kajal or eyeliner

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

I love using Kajal. In fact, Kajal is the first make I applied on my skin. When I was a kid, my mum used to apply it in my eyes saying that it would brighten my eyes and also makes them bigger. I can’t vouch for its efficacy, but I am sure it does make my eyes look bigger and brighter.

I have been using Kajal regularly. If I skip using that people ask me if I were are not well? I can bet that it happens to most of the girls who cannot skip kajal.

I use my kajal as both kajal and eyeliner. I love to create drama with my kajal. I love winged eyes. But that’s not the only look I use every day. Soon, I am planning to come up with a post sharing different eye makeup using fewer products.

Lip balm and lipsticks

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger - Summer Makeup Essentials

I get chapped lips easily and I can not apply lipstick without moisturising my lips. Most of the time I don’t even use lipsticks. I have uneven lips and to cover them I use coloured lip balm or light shades of lipsticks.

This summer nude lips are in trend. I have 3 lipsticks which I keep handy for my on the go summer look. And these are studio west, NYX and Colorbar. Depending on my outfit and eye make I use any of them.


If you love rosy and fresh look like me, start using blusher, if it’s still not one of the popular makeup essentials. I can’t do without these blushers for my everyday summer look.

Sometimes I miss to use them as well. But that’s ok.

My go to makeup staples:

Kajal by Oriflame

Pure passion stay perfect concealer

Lakme 9 to 5 CC cream

Nyx smokey fume palette

Nyx soft matte lip cream

Lash resistance mascara by Oriflame

Oriflame Sweden The One Illuskin (Luminous Peach)

Mac studio sculpt defining powder

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