Gift Ideas For this Christmas

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle Blogger

Hey Peeps! How have you been? I am super excited about my second wedding anniversary approaching soon and might have a surprise up the sleeve (still going over the drawing board).

But naturally I’m in the mood to receive and give gifts. On top of that, Christmas has always been about Secret Santas and getting the right stuff to gift. Today’s post will be all about gift ideas for Christmas 2017.

Everyone loves gifts, don’t we? I love getting plus gifting as well. For me, gifting is not a ritual or rule to be followed. But there is one thing for sure, I love adding a personalised touch to my gifts. I always prefer DIY gifts but due to lack of time I have moved to off the shelf personalised gifting.

I feel I should introduce a few brands which I have come across in the search for personalised gifts.

Archies Online

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle Blogger

During my childhood, Archies was the brand if you were out for droolworthy gifts. I still remember I was in the 2nd grade when Archies started merchandising in my town. My dad took me there as we had been invited to the inauguration and I could not help myself from getting a stack cards and posters that I wanted to gift to my school pals.

Throwback Studio

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle Blogger

I recently got introduced to throwback studio in my search for a memorable mini album for us. Just could not resist and I have already ordered one for myself and would surely order more.

I can’t disclose the real fun now but the one I have ordered is to be gifted. To get this photobook, all I had to do is download THROWBACK STUDIO app on my phone, upload the pics, feed the address and make the payment.

It didn’t even take me 10 minutes to complete the procedure.

Mahi Leather

Mahi - Genuine Leather Bags - Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Fashion Blogger

I have already shown my love towards Mahi Leathers on my Instagram page. The bags definitely look crafted with fine workmanship and this is the path to tread if you’re in the mood to splurge a bit.

And the one I have ordered is a gift to self this Christmas. My husband has shown interest in their bags as well as they look built to last a lifetime. The best part is that most of the bags are gender neutral.So, I decided to go for something which both of us could use.

Printland India

Namrata - Bangalore based Indian Lifestyle Blogger

If you have got something particular in mind, you should try Printland India.Go to their personalised gift section and you will find thousands of well thought products. You can even get a pen drive personalised for your loved ones. That’s something I have lost multiple times in college. When it’s personalised it’s easy to track. Don’t you think so?

These are the few brands I stumbled upon while my search for unique gift ideas online. As I had earlier mentioned, you could gift yourself as well. You are worth it!

I am a big-time online shopper. I have probably shopped from many other brands as well. These are few brands who are always in my mind. Especially, Archies being childhood love and Mahi leather is a new crush.

Do let me know what are your ideas for personalised gifting.



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