Festive look ft. Panigha India

Hey Peeps! I have two things to announce – Firstly, I have collaborated with Panigha India once again for the upcoming festive season look of their latest collection.

Secondly, I finally got an opportunity to get my makeup done by Vandana from …. of course, I could not watch myself during the process as I was in front of the camera and the mirror was far away.

Once the makeup was done, I was pleasantly surprised ( actually gushing) to look at my face. How could she read my mind to decipher the look I have been wanting for!


I have been an admirer of  Panigha India’s products since long. Every time I feel that I have bought the best, it surpasses all expectations with a brand-new collection and I tend to buy more from it.

It’s not possible for me to blog about all the products I have got from Panigha but If you follow me on Instagram, you can spot me wearing many of its products on and off.

Panigha India Jewellery- Namrata- IBangalore based Indian Fashion, makeup, lifestyle, travel and fitness blogger.

The reasons why I trust Panigha India for jewellery

    1. Personal Touch The owner of the Panigha India buys most of the products by visiting the vendors personally. She buys those products which she feels can use herself or would look good on her loved ones.
    2. Rare Designs/Fresh Stock Yes, I know Panigha India does not have all the designs available in the market. If you follow the company on Instagram, you will get to know what I mean. They restock everything within a week and come up with new product range entirely.
    3. Reasonable Pricing I stay in Bangalore and the only place for street shopping is Commercial Street. Since, I am a sucker of handmade and silver jewellery, on each visit to the commercial street I am always on the look out for such jewellery.
      Firstly, I do not get as many varieties as I could find over Panigha India page (fb or Ig). Secondly, I really can’t afford to pay so much for Junkies.
      I love Panigha India for the pricing they have. I have searched on many websites but no one could beat Panigha India’s bang for the buck.
    4. Versatility Being a fashion blogger, I need to come up with different looks and styling for all my fashion posts. I always look for versatility on each product of my look.
    5. Help Indian Economy Yes, helping the economy. Sounds funny? But it isn’t as Panigha buys its products from small vendors instead of buying it from big wholesalers.
    6. Statement Jewellery is common Gone are the days when I used to love statement jewellery. I have been admiring those silver pieces of jewellery by Panigha India. You can check my previous post where I have styled their jewellery in different ways.
    7. Quality Matters Every time we buy online we expect products to available at a reasonably low price. We hardly talk about quality. Why? because, we assume that, they should be fairly equivalent to the price. What if I tell you, they have awesome quality products.

If, you don’t believe me just give it a shot.


Hey, I have missed mentioning what I am I wearing today:

Top by Zara

Skirt from Central Mall

Jewellery by Panigha India 

Makeup by Bronze Blush Beauty

Special Thanks to Vandana from Bronze Blush Beauty for being a part of this shoot and of course, for my gorgeous makeup.

Use coupon code “NAM10” for 10% off on orders above Rs. 1000.

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