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Fitness, as we know, is an integral part of our lifestyle and when we talk about lifestyle, it is mandatory to talk about fashion since lifestyle and fashion are like conjoined twins. So in this blog, I will be talking about fashion in fitness, sounds too quaint? Well, gym wear is not just restricted to tanks, loose trousers, casual t-shirt’sand slippers! It is evolving continuously with new brands launching their fitness apparels every month so it is also necessary to dress up according to the latest trends since none of us like the adage of “falling behind”.So fashion goals and fitness goals should coexist while you’re working out in the gym.

So you’re a beginner? A fitness freak? A gym freak rather? Still confused about what to wear on your first day at the gym? Or do you stand in a dilemma facing your closet contemplating on what to wear? These are some of the many thoughts which we are bombarded with, so what is that ideal combination? That secret fashion code? Well, we will get there! Hold your breath a little longer! Patience! Isn’t that the first rule of working out!

Fashion, as we know is dynamic, forever evolving, what was trendy yesterday, is a thing of the past now. Similarly, it is very important to stay in fashion while you’re exercising, because when you look at yourself in one of those many mirrors of the gym, an off coloured or faded t-shirt, a shabby and unclean shoe and pants ideally meant for your bedtime are certainly going to put you off! Whereas a cool and swanky new sports t-shirt, a sporty pair of shoes and a classy set of joggers will not only make you feel upbeat about yourself, but it will also give you that extra gallon of fuel which you will need to finish that crucial last set of yours. Alright so let us now look at what I feel one should wear to the gym to meet their fitness as well as their fashion goals!

So why did I choose this particular outfit? What is so special about it? Would this solve your problem of staring at your wardrobe without any productive outcome? Well first let us dwell into the utility of this particular outfit.

Now to shed those extra kilos which you put on after hogging through that widespread buffet last night would require some running complimented with some basic abs exercises and I am betting that you don’t want to sweat profusely and end all your energy on the treadmill. So in this regard,  the right type of t-shirt will do wonders for you as it would not only allow the sweat to settle in, but it will also ease your run on the treadmill by maintaining your body temperature.


Also, you need a pair of proper of running shoes as it will increase your mobility, speed and will also act as a cushion in preventing pain in your ankles and lower back. If you’re an outdoor person and you enjoy going for a morning run, this particular outfit would definitely raise a number of awestruck eyebrows! So what are you waiting for! Dawn those swanky shoes and hit the road!

That’s it? So much fuss for so little? Hold onto your horses, don’t fret so soon, there’s more to it than meets the eye! So what are the things we have to keep in mind while selecting our work our clothes? Some of the basic requirements are the comfort factor which is of utmost importance since you need to be at ease while on go about lifting weights or doing free hand exercises.

The stretchability of the clothes is also an integral part in choosing your outfit because when we work out on a particular body part, the muscles tend to expand and you will automatically notice a pump in that particular body part and hence it is of utmost importance to let the muscles expand freely.

While working out, the degree of mobility and flexibility also plays a key role in determining the quality of the entire workout.  The durability and resistance of our outfit is an important aspect of selecting that gym wear since you wouldn’t want your t-shirt to rip off while you’re performing high- intensity workouts or while you are lifting weights.

Given the fundamentals behind choosing the outfit, I am all in praises for HRX, which not only adds the glam quotient to their apparels but also fills in all the loopholes in the grievance department. Not only are the attires trendy and eye-catching  but they also make the workout process easier and comfortable.

I have always been a jacket fanatic and I have a certain inclination towards sports jackets. These particular jackets are not only comfortable and stylish, but they also add an aura to your gym look. You could wear these jackets over your t-shirt or you could just wear them with that favorite jogger of yours.

Hey folks, thank you for taking out some time and going through this post. I hope I have been able to give you an insight into how I feel about choosing the right attire for working out. Please feel free to give me your suggestions and feedback’s and stay tuned for my next blog.


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Thank you! Until the next time.



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