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Hey, Peeps! I am feeling really proud and happy by introducing an irreplaceable but much-ignored product in our lives. And this product is Pee-Buddy!

Ever since I remember – my childhood, moving to Bangalore for college, to even travelling, I have struggled to use public toilets. Pee-Buddy is a breakthrough innovation to solve our woes.

Freedom to stand and pee

Yes, I know I am discussing a topic that is considered borderline taboo. I sometimes wonder in this world of hypocrisy where we talk about women’s equality and safety, this has not bothered anyone for years, to develop a product which provides safe urinal outflow to women.

But weren’t we waiting for someone to say” Ladies – You can now pee while standing”? Well, Pee-Buddy just said that and I really can’t express how thankful I am to Pee-Buddy for this.

What can Pee-Buddy do for us?

Pee-Buddy is a radical product for us women who hate soiled public toilets. I don’t think that toilets are filthy and unusable only in highways, petrol pumps and railway coaches.

Have you ever checked toilets in most shopping malls, restaurants, and theatres? I have never felt safe using them even after using tissue papers.

Lots of time, especially during travel, we need to test our will power for hours just in search of a better place to pee! Do you know how bad is it for a woman’s kidney and bladder to hold her pee?

There are lots of questions must be arriving in your mind similar to these.

If it has not yet struck you yet and you want to know about the health benefits of PeeBuddy, go to the link below and satiate your curiosity Remember – prevention is better than cure!

How to use Pee-Buddy

Peebuddy-Namrata -Bangalore Based Indian fashion blogger

  1.  Press the top front slightly and open it
  2. Slightly move your panties aside and place the open end of PeeBuddy right below the vagina and in between your legs.
  3. Bend a little to make sure PeeBuddy is inclined downwards. And you can unwind and pee.
  4. Dispose of the funnel

Pee-buddy-Namrata -Bangalore Based Indian fashion blogger

In case you still have confusion you can go to the link for complete instruction 

Did you know that Pee-Buddy is selling a sample funnel for just Rs 1?

I have got a coupon code for you which provides you 5% – PBMYCLOSETDIARY. Go to the link below and buy them using this coupon code for discount of 5%

And remember, your safety is in your hands. The cost of PeeBuddy is bare minuscule in compared to the hazards and treatment cost of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).

Hope it was helpful. Do let me know if you have any query in the comment section below. Interactions with you lovely ladies out there keep me ticking and motivated to write the blog.

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