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Hey Belles!

How is your week turning out so far? Waiting for the weekend to do something exciting? Well, I am planning to pursue an old passion. All thanks to the Canon India team who inspired and reminded me something I really love. And that’s photography.

My passion

I have been passionate about photography many since years but had access to just mobile phones and point and shoot cameras.  I was never keen to buy into a DSLR system. In fact, I was never aware of the difference a DSLR, paired with a good lens can make.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

During my wedding, I was determined to get the best photographer to capture my precious moments.I found Nitin, who is one of the best photographers, I have known. He made my wedding so memorable that I still can not get over those photographs.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

A renewed interest

This event renewed my photography bug and I finally bit the DSLR bug few months of my wedding. To learn photography, I have followed various online video channels such as Academy of Photography, Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Jason Lanier, etc. I was a good learner but somewhere I felt that I might not get a tag of a “proper” photographer because there are so many who are far better than me.

Biting the bullet

In the past year, trying to juggle my passion with a regular job, I was making slow progress. My husband (Sid) and I usually go together for photoshoots. Sometimes, when either of us is busy, we go solo. I have hated those moments when I use to say my clients that I will be coming alone as my husband is occupied with some other work. And then they use to ask would I be able to manage alone? How would I travel alone? And the never ending questions.

The event

Last month, Sid was scrolling through Facebook and he came across an ad by Canon India – I  Click Photography Workshop for women. This event looked interesting to me more because it was organised by a woman for women.

I attended this event on 8th of April 2017 at The Chancery Pavillion, Bangalore . Canon India team gave a warm welcome to all women present there. While registering, I was presented a welcome kit which included the book “Mastering Digital Photography – Fundamentals”. We were shown a webinar with which CEO of canon team encouraged and welcomed us. After that the event was handled by Sowmya, our mentor.

Our mentor Sowmya, is a well-known wedding photographer in Bangalore and has covered around 200 weddings across the globe.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

3 Ps of Photography

She started the workshop with her journey in the world of photography. She made it clear that one can not become a photographer as soon as she is out of this workshop. We need to have three P’s in our life to become a good photographer. they are:

  1. Passion
  2. Practice
  3. Patience

I loved the way she explained the difference between a picture and a photograph. Photographs are way beyond just clicking a picture. We need to create a story so that even if we look at those photos after years we can relate to it and photos should speak everything.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

The Workshop

  • Challenges in Digital Photography
  • Basic Tips & Techniques to click Candid, Still Life and Nature photography
  • Focus of subject to create Visual Appeal
  • Composition & Visualization basics
  • How to get your Photography work noticed

Session held was very interactive and she answered everyone’s doubt very patiently. I met like minded women over there. By the end of the seminar, I could realize where I stood in the field of photography.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

Meeting women photographers

I met people who were skilled and had little knowledge like me. There were girls who wanted to learn photography and buy their first DSLR. They had an effect or picture in mind, however,  they had no clue of the correct settings to get that effect. There were some who knew how to compose a picture but they struggled to click them with the right exposure. I am sure each one of them went home with vital knowledge that would help immensely in their passion or profession.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

We got ample of time to interact with like-minded women over refreshments. After having snacks everyone took out their camera and mobile phone and started clicking pictures of the objects at display in the lobby. Women over there approached our mentor Sowmya first to learn photography practically. She was patient and helped most of us individually. As she was outnumbered, we helped each other out. All of us were so much curious to learn. We all created a group on WhatsApp so that we can meet later and continue this learning with help of each other.

Namrata- My Closet Diary- Photography - Canon India

Staying connected

It was a weekend so I had to go to a party that evening. After I reached home, on going through the messages in the group, I learnt that girls were eager to take up a 30 days challenge to thoroughly practice their freshly acquired photography skills. I was happy to take part in it and would be clicking more and more pictures in days to come. Yes, of course, I would be sharing those clicks here, in my blog or in my Instagram account.

Did you notice that there is only one picture of me in this post ? Well, I was the one behind the camera this time.

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