You’ve definitely played Clash of Clans, probably watched the movie Clash of Titans too! Not to forget, the numerous clashes that you witness in your daily life.Well, you must be wondering, what on earth is this print clash now! As if there was a dearth of clashes in your life and now am asking you to deal with another one!

So, let’s first start with the lowdown on Print Clash. In simple words, it is basically a combination of two distinct and different prints. More often than not, men shy away from sporting different prints and resort to more plain clothes rather than experimenting with their wardrobe collection. Prints are the so called underdogs in men’s fashion! The potential is definitely there to convert it into something extraordinary. However, most of the time we lack the confidence. The fear of uncertainty regarding social approval hinders our choice. We tend to go with the safer options, the more plain apparels.  We tend to stick with something which we have already worn before and while doing so, more often than not, we don’t really distinguish ourselves from the common lot; we restrict ourselves from experimenting and in turn miss out on opportunities!

So through this blog, I am going to showcase a print combination which I feel would be a perfect party wear outfit. Also, with a few alterations, you can sport this look for casual outings or even for your date night! Being versatile and standing out from the crowd is a sought after attribute these days.

Print On The Rocks

Hold onto that excitement! This is not about your favorite drink! On the contrary someone might just offer you one on account of your impeccable dressing sense! Jokes apart! Printed pants is the hot topic of this particular blog and I have opted for a black and white designer print and combined it with a dotted purple polo t-shirt.

 Aviator calling

A classy aviator is bound to notch up the glam quotient and would certainly complete this look if you are planning to stay outdoors. The color palette is very important and it is something which must be kept in mind and it should be in sync with your entire outfit. Given it a long thought, I presume? Well take my advice and without a frown go for that brown!


 Print Clash Upgraded

Experimenting with your collection is something which I strongly emphasize on. You can devise a crafty look with some bare essentials, only if you allow yourself to look beyond. For instance, let us select a jet black blazer and a pair of glasses to enhance the already print coordinated outfit! The outcome was sheer class. Take a look for yourself.


Upping the hotness quotient by the Jacuzzi but looking cool, nevertheless!


You can opt for a pair of sunglasses too! Versatility is the key like I said!


So we’ve come to the conclusion of this post now. I have always been a fan of printed apparels and my love for prints has culminated into what I       call  Print Clash. Hope this inspires you to try and play with some prints too! It is a goodbye for now. Until next time…Adios, amigos 🙂


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