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Hey Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well in your life. I was on a vacation in Goa, India last week. Such an amazing place to relax and forget all your worries. A few days before this trip I was unwell and was not feeling up to pack my bag for the trip. This is when I realized, if you plan your wardrobe in advance, you are far less likely to over pack or leave behind a key wardrobe item for a trip. Well, that’s not the only truth about my trip. I planned everything in advance to have a hassle free trip. If you want everything to fall in place, try your outfits a week in advance so that you have a fair idea of how many things you already have or what all needs to be replaced.
Let’s come to wardrobe check first.


Swimsuit is very essential when it comes to beach vacation. I am sure few of our inner-wear look similar to swimwear but it is not advisable to replace a good swimwear with those. A well made swimwear gives you the advantage of quick dry fabric and ease of movement, unparalleled by inner-wears. I understand some of us don’t like to show our skin too much and also we become conscious in public places – you don’t have to wear a bikini or a tankini, if you would not feel comfortable in it. There are just so many stores where you can find out mid to high coverage swimwear to suit your style quotient and body type.

Flip flops or slip-ons

Flip-flops are the most comfortable footwear especially when it comes to beach walk. But in the end we are girls, we want to look good and stylish without sacrificing comfort. If you are bored with wearing rubber flip-flops, try slip-ons, espadrilles, etc. to treat your feet to a stylish yet simple look. You can also try flats or summer sandals for that matter. Please avoid your heels if you want a torture free trip. You will not like to torture yourself by every painful steps in the sand. If you really can’t manage without your heels,  try to take a pair of comfortable wedges.

Shorts and tops

Carry your chic shorts, preferably cotton and linen ones to keep yourself cool in hot weather. There are various kinds of shorts you can carry such as, cut- offs, cargo shorts, jean shorts, capris and hot pants. Take different kind of tops, such as tank tops, crop tops, off-shoulder tops, tube tops etc. Don’t forget to carry tank tops, tubes and spaghetti, they are multi purpose clothes and give you room for choice. There is no hard and fast rule that you should stick to pastel shades. Carry your most lovable shorts and cute looking clothes to get memorable pictures in them. I am sure you would want to come back with loads of memories to cherish forever.


Mirrored Sunglasses

I always prefer mirrored sunglasses for beaches as these are, not only trendy, but also reflect the high intensity light. As a tourist in the beaches, we do not have experience of such intense light. These reflective glasses protect our eyes from the harsh light better than the regular ones. Try out different styles of mirrored sunglasses such as aviators, wayfarer or round ones.

Boho jewellery and accessories

Since you would be carrying all basic and fuss free apparel, carry a few statement jewellery with you to pimp up the look. Mix and match your jewellery with your apparel. In case you have a doubt on pairing your jewellery with your outfit, try boho (bohemian) jewellery. They are in trend these days and the best part is, they match pretty well with most colours and outfits. One serious advice, on accessories,  leave your expensive watches at home and carry silicon strap watches if you really can’t step out without a watch.


Carry few dresses depending on number of days you are going to stay there. Dresses are meant for all purpose provided you chose the right one. Carry a party dress – you cannot miss on parties especially when you are in Goa. Carry few lightweight summer dresses such as off-shoulder, peasant dress, t-shirt dress or tube dress as per your comfort.

Remember you are going to enjoy and make memories. Live each and every moment with love and joy.
Cheers to life!!


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